Tantric bodyworker and conscious escort

I am Marius,
an independent bisexual escort based in Berlin.
Potentially available worldwide.

I am specialised in erotic and tantric massages, sensual experiences as well as intimate meetings with conscious and tantric sex.

About me

My 4 years experience in Tantra and healing bodywork flows into every encounter with me.I offer you a mindful, intimate, pleasurable and loving time in which you just let yourself fall.What makes me special is a high level of empathy, masculine and femine energies and an open, direct and transparent manner.I am interested in your deepest desires and to help you fulfill them.

My rulebook

MeetingsAll meetings include arrival and time for a conversation, where we talk about the process, your intentions, your expectations and boundaries.After the meeting there will be time to reflect and to arrive safely back in the ‘here and now’.All meetings may be extended if you wish and if I have the capacity to continue holding space for you.All meetings can be finished early by you and me past the first hour if we both agree that we are not a good fit.I may deny a meeting if you show up visibly sick or with an active infection of any kind you did not disclose.Barriers (gloves, condoms and dental dams) will be used for all genital to genital, genital to oral and anal interactions.

Potential travel expenses are covered by you. I travel frugally if possible.Potential accommodation expenses are covered by you.
For meetings that are desired to be 3 hours or longer I expect a deposit before our meeting to show your commitment.
I expect to be paid for the agreed upon time at the beginning of our meeting.An extension of the meeting is only possible if you brought enough cash or have another means of instant payment at the next opportunity during or at the end of the meeting.You can pay me in cash, paypal and bitcoin. If you pay in advance bank transfer is an option. You can let me know of other payment options you deem better.

Cancellation and Refund Policy
If we agree to finish our meeting early I will refund you the money for the remaining time.Meetings may be cancelled 24 hours before they start or before I would start traveling.I will not refund your deposit if you do not show up or if you don’t cancel the meeting in time.I will not refund your deposit if you show up sick and I deny the meeting.If you get sick before the meeting and provide proof we may move the meeting to another date or I can refund you if there is no alternative date for you.If I get sick before the meeting or am otherwise unable to hold space for you we may move the meeting to another date or I can refund you if there is no alternative date for you.

Overnight and multiple day meetings
I need and insist on 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night.I insist on regular breaks (food, drink, stretching, meditation, walks, naps, checking in with each other, integration).

My rates

Tantra Massage2 hours300 Euro
Mutual erotic tantric massage*2 hours400 Euro
Meeting with erotic massage and tantric sex*3 hours600 Euro
Free flow sensual erotic adventure*4 hours800 Euro
Your individual wishdesired Lengthindividual Rate
Other ExperiencesDurationRate
Soft Fetish, Kink or Role Play2 hours300 Euro
Hard fetisch*2 hours500 Euro
Experience with me and another escortDurationRate
4 Hand Tantra Massage with a female parter1.5 hours500 Euro

* Mutual massages and dates with sex I offer for people I have already met and with whom it fits well interpersonally, because I desire to create a truly authentic experience without faking or pretending anything. Hard fetish also requires a deeper screening. We can also get to know each other beforehand by video call.

Booking request

If you wish to have a meeting with me, please fill out the form and introduce yourself shortly.Here are some inspirations for further writing:What kind of meeting are you interested in?
Where and when do you want the meeting to take place?
What are your intentions?